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Training your team to understand and leverage new processes and technologies is key to the success of your business. Every project at AOS includes training that is tailored to the needs of each employee no matter their skill level. We want to guide you toward success by providing training that will improve productivity and ensure the value of your business systems through team engagement.

Our trainers are effective and experienced, with extensive real-world practical experience with many different types of businesses. We deliver training on-site and via web meetings so your learners relate to familiar business systems and data.

Step 1:  We will work with you to identify your organizational and individual training needs and tailor a comprehensive training plan to meet your goals, time frame and budget. Assess – design – develop – implement and evaluate.

Step 2:  We identify any funding that may support your training goals and assist you with applications as needed.

Step 3:  We deliver your training when it’s convenient for your team and follow up to make sure you receive the most benefit from your investment in developing your team.

The benefits to your business (ROI) from investing in employee training do far more than justify the costs, they:

  • Boost Team Competence & Confidence
  • Increase Productivity, Engagement & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Contribute to a Great Place to Work


1) Business Intelligence:

Administration, Financial and Operational Data Analysis – “understanding the big picture
Financial Systems
Financial Forecasting and Reporting
Financial Review and Analysis
Operational Efficiency
Business Planning
Corporate Structure
Strategy Development
Compliance Management
Policies and Procedures
Operational Data Management
Communication Management

  • Providing the insight you need to succeed
  • What is working – what isn’t – and what you can do about it
  • Designing customized dashboards that provide you with intuitive reports and decision tools to gain insight into your organization

2) Technical Skills:

Individualized, role-based learning empowers your team and increases adoption of new information, systems and processes.

  • Working with MS Access databases
  • Using Mobile Devices to Capture Key Business Data
  • Customized Training for Custom Business Processes and Systems

Training Rates range from $100 – $150/hour based on the training plan.  We do not charge for needs assessments, curriculum development or training materials.



At AOS Partners, your goals come first. Tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we will identify the best technologies to achieve those results. Systematizing, automating and optimizing are key factors for productivity and growth.

AOS Partners will help you with unbiased needs assessments, developing workflow and business processes. The objective is to achieve more effective results, faster – leading to greater profitability and growth as well as greater customer satisfaction.

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